Q What do hallmarks reveal about a jewellery item?
All our jewellery pieces are hallmarked with a ‘Klass’ logo imprinted on the metal. This is our seal of quality and exclusivity.
Q How can I be guaranteed that I am getting high quality products?
To ensure that you are getting high quality products from us, consider the following points.

1. The purity of the precious metal and the quality of the gemstones used are subject to stringent quality control.
2. All diamonds used are guaranteed natural and free from enhancements. Enhancements (if any), to the gemstones used, would only be those that are traditionally accepted in the trade.
3. Every piece of our jewellery is meticulously hand finished and inspected to rigidly set standards. With the endorsement of the WFDB Mark, you have the assurance that you are dealing with a company that abides strictly by the high standards and rules of the trade.
Q How can I be updated on recent additions to collections?
We are constantly updating our collections. New designs will be added to our website as they become available. Please visit our website regularly to view our latest collections.