Klass Jewels' collections are conceived by skilled designers who are driven by a sense of passion to transform their creative energies into treasured works of art.

Be it a dash of pearls or a sprinkle of diamonds, we are certain that adorning yourself with a Klass Jewels piece will accentuate your personality.

Whatever the occasion, there is always something to be discovered. Whether your fancy is earrings, rings, neckpieces, bracelets, brooches – we have it all. Take your time to view our ready-made pieces featuring beautiful natural gemstones, the 'greenest' of jade as well as floral rosettes that will always remain fashionably elegant.

Visit this page often to be updated with our newest one-of-a-kind pieces and contact us for prices and additional information via the enquiry form. Better yet come have a chat with us.

Please view our collection here.