Established in 2003, Klass Jewels is the ever-creative other half of Facets - one of Singapore's leading diamond wholesale companies bringing with it a 30-year tradition of quality and trust in the jewellery industry.

The fusion of fresh design and refined craftsmanship makes every Klass Jewels piece an object that you will be proud to own.

Predominantly driven by the desires of discerning women, our wide array of high quality ready-made pieces are sure to spark your fancy – many of these are one-off designs comprising of exquisite 'collectors items' such as rare fossils and antique cut diamonds.

For those who wish to take a bespoke route, a member of our design team will lead you through a collaborative process until we have made your vision a reality. Your reward - jewellery which radiates your personality. Our reward - the twinkle in your eye.